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Most Pest Prone Areas

Apart from the normal cleanliness needed for your home, you also need to keep a look out for pests. Insects and Pest can also cause huge property damage to your home. Hence you must know what are the pest prone areas at your space.

Areas mostly afflicted to termites are-

  1. Rooms with Furniture

Anything made of wood will definitely attract termites into your home. That includes floors, chairs, beds, tables, etc. Termites are known to cause damage by burrowing into the wood and by making holes. They also weaken the structural integrity of the wood, making it a hazard to you and your family members.

  1. Kitchen and/or Cupboards

Ants, rodents and cockroaches are common visitors in your kitchen, particularly if they find food in the cupboards or food left out/not sealed properly. Ants are a lot easier to spot, since you can find group of them marching across the windows, tables, or cupboard spaces. Rodents are a bit trickier, though you’ll rarely find them, because they scurry away within a blink of an eye. But you’ll know they visited if you see droppings within the area. If you know the problem has reached to your kitchen then treatement for such Arthropoda is necessarily as they cause various diseases click here to know more.

  1. The Garden

Pests like crickets and bugs will most likely come from the soil in the garden. Visible insects mounds and anthills are signs that they have already made their home in your greenery. Another sign of this is the sight of termite tunnels leading up the walls of your home, which is a common sign of termites already burrowing within your home.

4. Walls cracks

Small openings in concrete or even wooden walls. These could be entry points for insects to enter your house.It is suggested to seal you can find any crack you find on any wall around you. This is the best to keep the threat from pouring out in numbers.

5. Gutters, Downspouts, and Crawlspaces

Outside of your home, these areas can become infested with pest. It is suggested to keep any paper, cardboard, or wood free from such place lest it attracts termites to eat, infest, and even find more ways into your home from these locations.

  1. The Bathroom

What better area that has moisture in your home than the bathroom itself? Most pest prone areas at your space are ones with moisture. When it comes to watching out for insects, the sight of them in your bathroom is a very common one.

  1. The Garage

This is the place where your vehicle can be safe and sound, it can also be where pests can lurk unnoticed. With your vehicle left behind and possible leaks and dirt around, various insects are most likely to infest that area.

  1. Your Own Bedroom

Bed bugs is heard very often. The bedroom can be prone to insects and other pests. The best way to handle this is to make sure your room is free of dirt in all corners. That means sweeping up food crumbs, dust, and even discarded wrappers containing food residue.

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