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Impact of Seasons on Pests

The Impact of Seasons on Pest Movement and Patterns is given below. The more we know about the more we can do to avoid termite attack at our home. Cick here to know more about how to get rid of insects.

Spring Season

Spring is the season of new blossoms and fresh time. This also means the same for pests as this is the best time for them to reproduce into larger numbers with suitable climate. Many insects create resting places in various parts in the house and start to reproduce. Most common pests found in this season are stinging insects, flies, ants, spiders, mosquitoes etc.

Summer Season

Now, Summer is the time for pest adventures as they come out from their hiding places. They start to roam freely around the house. The warmth conditions make the termites comfortable to come out. Generally pest control is most required during the hot and humid times. Most common pests found in this season are fleas, ticks, bat, bed bugs etc.

Winter Season

This is the hibernating time for the many insects. They make burrows and nests along the various regions to protect them from harsh climate and extreme cold. Rainy Season also proves to be the Pest free Season as it flushes the pests in the house as weep as from the surroundings. Most common pests found in this season are rodent, bed bugs, roaches etc.

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