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Disinfestation Services Offered :-

  • Empty Hold Disinfestation

  • Disinfestation of Ships

  • Deratting of Ships

  • Prophylactic Treatments of Stored Cargoes

  • Empty Store Disinfestation

Inspection Services Offered : :-

  • Ship Holds

  • Cargoes for Infestation

  • Supervision of Fumigation being carried out by other Fumigation agencies


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How do I select a Pest Control Agency??? It is very saddening to see that most of the professions and businesses today are marred by unqualified and in genuine people who enter the trade and make profits by encasing on innocent consumers.

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Termite Control: Damages to the building due to infestation of termites is more than 20% and this lessens the overall age of the building. Termites (White – ants) cause a great deal of destruction to valuable property in homes, offices, storages

Our Clients

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It gives us immense pleasure to state that Pest Control Services has had treated almost all the major private and public setups in and around NE India, and we proudly boast about having treated such esteemed.